Vehicular accidents can be avoided

In any city you go, there is the speed limit which is imposed for the safety of the motorists. Running faster means a higher risk of accidents, according to authorities, so that can happen if you disregard the speed limit. Especially for the trucks, they are the number 1 when it comes to accidents in the highways here because they run too fast and then the driver would lost control.

Another invention for safety is the air bag. It will open when the vehicle hits with great impact to save the driver from hitting the windshield. But the air bag is employed only when the impact is in front, it wouldn’t work when the side of the car is hit. The most common safety measure is the seat belt. Buckle up for your safety, said the poster. I guess we can avoid vehicular accidents if we just follow the rules for safe driving.

  • Do you buckle up when driving?

    • Yes
    • No
    • only in long travels


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Written by Alex Socorro

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