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Train ride

Whenever we would go to Hongkong or Singapore, the train is our main choice of transportation. Aside from the cheap fare, the train travels fast and is not affected by the traffic. And even if there are so many commuters, the trains come every 2 minutes so the waiting time is not very long.

In the Philippines, the train system is a failure. Obviously the trains is very short that was designed for the short platform. Instead of accommodating so many passengers, it can only accommodate about half of what is needed. And the growing population in the metro is killing the train. With the very long lines to the platform, taking the bus is faster than taking a train ride.

  • Do you ride the train regularly?

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    • sometimes only
    • no


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Written by Alex Socorro

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  1. We also have a train in Jerusalem and I like to use it so it will have money on the card I have for if I have to take the bus. We have a schedule up as to when each train is and we do not wait long. If it went to all the locations I have to go I would only take it. I prefer saving money and if can take my scooter or walk on a nice day I will do that.

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