Traffic due to the checkpoint

As part of the regulation of the lockdown that we call enhanced community quarantine, checkpoints are set up on town and city boundaries to further discourage traveling. In the checkpoint the temperature is taken for all passengers aside from the checking of valid ID in relation to the purpose of travel. The only valid purpose is the job and medical needs. For other purposes, it would depend on the discretion of the checkpoint officer.

Taking 30 minutes for each checkpoint, what if you have to pass several checkpoints? That long travel time is now showing since most of the people in our circle wouldn’t go out anymore even if they have a car. It is better to stay home, they said. That clearly means the effort of the government is paying off. Hopefully the cases of corona virus contamination will start to decrease.

  • Is your place on a lockdown?

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    • we are only under community quarantine


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Written by Alex Socorro

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