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Things that have a positive meaning

This is the hardest thing to change but the most influential to me. Perhaps due to growing up under Asian culture, I used to spend a lot of time and effort to worry about what others think of me. And to please everyone, I’m willing to take the time to lament or listen to gossip from people I don’t care about and certainly don’t care much about. Meanwhile, I often postpone contact with my relatives and friends who always appreciate me for who I am and my personality. Everyone thought that I was busy. Yes, I am very busy! I am so busy that I have to spend 10 minutes meditating for a better soul, positive thinking will not exist, but I can spend hours to “absorb” the very negative things from the completely use me as a place to relieve stress. I was so busy that I had to eat and write articles at the same time, but it was possible to spend a whole weekend to write articles for others, just because I was afraid to refuse to ask for help. Ever since I lived the Minimalism, I started to think more carefully about the thoughts, people, and things that really bring positive meaning to my life. Maybe minimizing life will make me less “perfect” in the eyes of some people, but more importantly, it makes me happier.

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