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The wild tuber

A tuber is a root crop which is a plant that has edible roots. An example of a root crop is the potato which is a plant that grows an edible tuber in the roots. Some other common tubers are the taro and the yam. But tubers are not related since their plants differ from each other. The yam is a vine while the taro is like an ornamental plant with big leaves that has a long stem. The cassava is much different since the plant grows up to 10 feet while the potato is a plant with tender stems and small leaves.

Usually the tubers are boiled to serve as food or they can be cooked to serve as the dessert. The potato can be boiled and mashed and can also be fried. That also goes with the sweet potato which comes from a crawling vine. In any which way you cook the tuber, it is good to eat for the carbohydrates and the flour that it contains.

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Written by Alex Socorro

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