The vanishing native snack foods

All the culture in the world have their own staple food, dessert, and more likely snack food as well. It used to be that the snack food is the favorite of the masses, so to speak. In our country, we have the porridge, rice cake and other snack food that used to be the popular snack of the people. Especially the rice cake which has a lot of variety, you can eat rice cake every day with different flavors and style.

When the hamburger came to our shores, it was expensive so it was not very popular. But as the standard of living improved, the standard of taste veered towards imported snack food. The hamburger is the current leader in the snack food department followed by pizza and some other imported snacks like the french fries. I guess this issue is not confined to our country which means the hamburger and pizza are the tops when it comes to popularity.

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Written by Alex Socorro

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