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The suring cost of banana

Yesterday when I went to the market, I bought banana plantain to serve as our afternoon snack. It is nice to be fried and dipped into sugar. The vendor said 10 pesos per piece and I bought 10 pieces so I paid 100 pesos. When I came home, everyone was surprised with the price that I paid. The usual price of a banana is 4 pesos per piece only which means it is now selling at more than double of the usual price. Paying 10 pesos for 1 piece of banana is like paying 20 cents.

Later on, I got the drift why the banana is selling at an increased price. There is a hype in social media that people are going banana over bananas. There is a claim that eating banana can strengthen your immunity against the corona virus. It is like saying you cannot be contaminated when you eat bananas. Oh, really?

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Written by Alex Socorro


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