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The stray kids in our neighborhood

There are stray kids in our neighborhood that I am thinking of reporting it to the community officer. There is a family that moved here last month. The couple has 5 toddlers that I always see in the street. They are similar to the stray dogs and cats that seem to have no parents. When I asked around, the family is renting a room and both parents are working. Does that mean the toddlers are left to their own devices?

There ought to be a law on that. Leaving small children alone in the house is a form of child abuse. What if something happens to the child? One toddler fell on the ground and kept crying until someone came to help him up. I just couldn’t stand what’s happening why those kind of parents are given children only to be neglected. Life is unfair.

  • Do you stray kids in your neighborhood?

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Written by Alex Socorro

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