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The sour camias fruit

The camias is a tropical fruit that is a relative of the star fruit. But unlike the start fruit, the camias is very sour that it is only good for cooking purposes although some people eat the camias with salt or shrimp paste. What’s nice in a camias tree is that it has no season to speak of. The fruiting is all year round and there are trees that fruit heavily from top to bottom, yes, nearing the ground already.

The main use of camias is for the soup dish that is made sour. It can be fish or pork or even meat. That soup dish comes with tropical vegetables as well like the watercress and the okra. The lowly camias is not noticed here but there will come a time that it will be popular again. Most of the orchards are being converted into residential villages so the fruit trees are going away for good. Camias is one common small tree in some homes. That is their advantage.

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Written by Alex Socorro

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