The mulberry is a wild plant

Mulberry trees are actually plants because they don’t grow much so I consider mulberry to be big plants. They grow easily from cuttings. A branch with a diameter of ½ inch can bear new leaves in 2 to 3 weeks time to be followed by the roots. And with just a little water, the mulberry will be fruiting in one year’s time.

The mulberry is not a loved berry because only few people eat the berries. But the goats love the leaves of the mulberry that some goat farmers plant mulberry plants in their farm for the purpose of feeding the goats. Another use of the mulberry is to serve as the fence for the farm. Planting mulberry is easy so it is like a free fence that you have. And for me, it is the fruit that I love so I plant them wherever I can.

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Written by Alex Socorro

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