The hot sun cannot kill the virus

There was a theory that the hot sun will kill the virus so the pandemic will end by summer. But when the cold vanished and the sunny days entered, that was the time that the number of cases here spiked. From a mere handful of new cases every day, it is now 200 plus and 300 plus in just a day.

Now that we were under the lockdown for 3 weeks, things changed for the worse. The question is this – what are we doing wrong and what can we do to stop the contamination? One amateur scientist still insisted that the heat can weaken if not kill the corona virus. If people will expose themselves to the rays of the sun for a period of 15 minutes, it is more than enough to kill the virus on surface which means it is like spraying yourself with disinfectant.

  • Is it already summer there?


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Written by Alex Socorro

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  1. It’s true that the hot sun cannot kill the virus… at least the ones inside a host already. But there were studies or at least a study that reports, high temperatures plus high humidity slow down the transmission of the virus.

    The spike in our country, I believe is not because of the number of infected actually spiked during this time, but rather because of the lack of testing kits.

    Stay safe… 🙂

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