The fruits of the neighboring trees

This is the story of my escapades when I was a boy. I would be scouting for fruits in the trees of the neighbors that were usually planted in front of the house. That means the tree is not inside the fence so it can be construed as government property. That was my idea of those trees.

Guava was very common and so many guava trees were fruiting. I could easily pick 5 to 10 fruits in a day from the several trees. There was one pomegranate but the fruits are so few. I couldn’t get for the owner might discern that someone was stealing the fruits. Now it is the turn of the kids in our neighborhood. They can feast on our guava tree that is fruiting heavily. Fortunately they always leave some ripe fruits for my benefit.

  • Do you harvest the fruits from your tree?

    • Yes


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Written by Alex Socorro

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