The food courts are alive again

The food court is common in the malls. It is a spacious area where different booths are around selling different kinds of food. The food court is one of our favorites because there is a wide array of dishes to choose from. There’s also the international section where you can have Japanese food or even Korean food.

Customers are coming in so the food court is alive. However, due to the social distancing requirements the capacity of the area is cut down to less than half. With that statistics it means the potential revenue or sales will also be cut in less than half. Bad news indeed.

  • Do you eat in the food court?

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Written by Alex Socorro

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  1. I am so glad that the food court is alive now. We have a food court inside our bus station and loved to eat there. Since the virus I have not been there in ages. I will not go to it because too many people around and who knows if they will be wearing masks or not. I will not go even to take food home.

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