The Fireball Lily

The fireball lily or the  Scadoxus Multiflorus  (formerly known as the Haemanthus Multiflorus) is a beautiful flower that blooms in summer. It is also commonly known as football lily, blood lily etc. The plant grows from a bulb and produces only one flower head in a season, however, these flowers do put on a spectacular show while they last. The blooms lasts for about a week and then the flowers droop and fall giving way to seedpods.

The bulbs last for many years and keep on producing flowers very season. They produce up to 8 leaves and remain like that until the next season in warm climates. These plants need direct sunshine to bloom.

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  1. It doesn’t matter to me I go to all the posts. I know who I visited and which ones remain for comment. I really liked this flower. I’ll look for it here. It will be perfect for my terrace because it has direct sunlight for almost 6 hours a day.

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