The earth is congested

In the picture are 2 banana plants that are fruiting. It is noticeable that they are close to each other like there is no social distancing between them. Due to congestion, the fruits of the said plants have not reached the standard of 10 clusters with each cluster having 20 fruits. There are only 7 clusters with less than 20 fruits per cluster so there is a marked difference. And that is due to the congestion.

Shifting the focus to the population, the crowded places tend to be depressed in terms of development. Demographers are alarmed that the so called depressed areas with shanties and huts are susceptible to diseases. In other words, the people there are not considered healthy maybe because there is no fresh air anymore. We have to admit that the earth is over populated so government’s should be thinking of ways to lessen the population.

  • Is your area congested?

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Written by Alex Socorro

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