The caretaker of the cemetery

I am not easily scared especially in the cemetery. But this time, it was early morning when I arrived and my car was the only one in parking area. The cemetery’s office was still closed so I had to wait for 30 minutes. Roaming would take away the boredom so that’s what I did. And suddenly this tall guy walking slowly met my gaze. I pinched myself to think if I was dreaming or if it was for real. Unfortunately, it was for real that I am seeing a scary creature.

It was good that the guy did not get near me for he might have something to do. Later on when the office was opened, I learned that the Frankenstein-looking guy was a caretaker of the cemetery who was assigned on the graveyard shift. It might be funny or ironic but  that’s how I felt. Why assign him at night?

  • Do you go to the cemetery at night?

    • Yes


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Written by Alex Socorro

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