The beneficial papaya

The papaya or pawpaw is a tropical fruit that the plant grows only in tropical places. The life of the plant is similar to the banana that it has only 1 stem that grows until it bears fruit. After all the fruits are harvested, the papaya tree dies naturally. But planting a papaya is not easy because there can be a male tree which means it bears flowers but does not bear fruits. The papaya can bear fruit within 1 year from the seedling and lasts for several months of fruiting.

The main benefit of the papaya to man is the regulated movement in the digestive system. It directly helps in the digestion so that means constipation is prevented. Too much of papaya doesn’t cause diarrhea so there is no such thing as overdose. The papaya can be eaten as it is or sugar and milk can be added to enhance the taste. They say that the papaya can heal cancer. But that’s another story.

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