Technical problem with the desktop

While using my desktop, it suddenly stopped and gave an error message – winlogin error. Since it stopped so I rebooted the desktop and then it wouldn’t go to the Windows login window for the Windows XP. I was in panic but I kept my cool. Fortunately I have borrowed a laptop so I started searching about the problem.

There were many suggestions to solve the problem but the re-installation of the operating system was not one of them. That means it can be solved easier. One solution caught my mind. It will self heal. In other words, it will be back to normal. I turned on the desktop and it went to the secondary hard disk that fortunately has an operating system. Now it makes me wonder what’s next. After several day, I turned it on and the blue screen appeared. There was a bad track in the system disk. It was corrected by that blue screen.

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Written by Alex Socorro

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