Talking parrot

When my niece bought a parrot 10 years ago, she was expectant that it will talk after sometime. But after a year or so my niece was wondering why the parrot can make different sounds but not in a semblance of talking. Maybe there is something lacking?

A parrot expert told my niece that the parrot’s tongue needed to be trimmed. And the parrot needs to hear talking sounds so it can mimic the sound of talking. With that said, the trimming was not done and the talking was not done either since there was no time for that.

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Written by Alex Socorro


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  1. Thank goodness she didn’t have his tongue clipped. That is hogwash!! I used to raise parrots when we lived in Louisiana and had a nice aviary for all the breeders. I have one parrot left–a double yellow nape amazon. Do you know what kind of amazon your niece has? It takes a few years sometimes for them to start talking. The main thing is to repeat phrases to them.

    Tonto is a loudmouth and thinks I should stay in the same room as him all day long. He hollers “MOMMA” when I walk out. Bad habit and covering his cage doesn’t usually help.

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