Swimming pools are still closed

The swimming pools and beaches are still closed courtesy of the protocols against the corona virus. Controlling the spread has directly affected 90% of the industries. Obviously the economy is reeling from the suffering that many businesses has already closed shop and had declared bankruptcy.

Back to the swimming pool, I wonder why it cannot be opened when social distancing can be imposed. A regular pool size that can accommodate 50 swimmers can maybe be required to have only 20 swimmers. I think that is fair enough.

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What do you think?

Written by Alex Socorro

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  1. Maybe they do not social distance so have to stay closed. I have seen many pictures of beaches and there are a lot of people at them. If they could schedule it that not a lot go at the same time then maybe they can stay open. The corona has caused a lot of problems to lots of businesses. Even if they are open they cannot have a lot of people in the store at the same time so that hurts their business.

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