Superman-Man of Steel – Kal-El saves Lois

Finally, the energies feel a little lighter with the full moon coming! Who else here can believe how powerful and transformative this year of 2020 has already been?! Since January it feels like an eternity of time has flashed by, We are into April already. A week flies by in the blink of an eye. With this COVID19 lockdown, we are actually growing SIGNIFICANTLY, spiritually right now collectively. We are all in this journey together, the universe has, for the first in history, has us all in a quarantine of spiritual cleansing. We have to be here right now to support one another through this massive astral shift to freedom culminating with the SUPERMOON on April 9th, 2020 

I’ve just had a sudden realization after wondering why people are so scared of COVID19 when more people die every year from regular flu. It’s because the controllers of the media are noticing the appearance of a mass spiritual awakening of “lightworkers” and they don’t like it this is their attempt to keep the world at a low vibrational state so they can keep control. You are the land of the brave. prove it, by sharing the facts even though most won’t listen speak to their subconscious minds in prayer and keep spreading this freedom of the mind.

Let us be that symbolic man of steel and save that person in need, like Superman, saving Lois. Taking to the task without a judgmental or accusatory murmur. Sending you all much positive energy.


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