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Success or failure

Most of us, before embarking on a job, expect success. Success brings sublimation and happiness; It is a recognition, a reward for the effort and effort we have spent, is a soft velvet mattress for us to lean back after a long time striving. Meanwhile, failure causes injuries, which can undermine beliefs, especially beliefs in ourselves.

Success or failure are just relative concepts. Success has its own causes and so is failure. So no success or failure is forever.

Time is the best way to heal. From time to time, all the serious pain will be healed. It is important that we cannot restrain the treatment according to our will, or forcefully hide it inside. Please wait patiently as the wounds will dissolve in their own way at the most appropriate time.

You suffer: be patient. Suffering now is not bad for your future. You do not aspire too much nor fear, you consider the peace of mind as a precious thing, because suffering makes it hard and endures so many troubles of life …

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