Street food – corn on cob

This is the time when hawkers will be selling roasted corn on  cob .  Not sure due to the pandemic this scene will be present.   

When things were normal one could see these hawkers specially on beaches.  The ambiance was ideal to go for them drowning them down later with tender coconut water. 

You can pick what you want to eat and the hawker will roast it for you.  You can prick and see if milk oozes out and that is an indication it is nice and tender and therefore tasty. 

I have been there and done that and therefore it is sad if  the scene no longer exists. 

  • Do you miss street food during this pandemic?

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Written by grace


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  1. Street food is not so big here in Ireland, as we really don’t have the weather for it. But I spent enough time in warmer climes that I miss street food from India, from the Middle East, from North Africa… Somehow it i always the tastiest 🙂


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