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We have two stay at home Moms whose only job is to care for their babies, one each.  These Moms are truly blessed as they stay here all found.  They have a place to stay, place to play and they are fed regularly. 

Both mothers take great care of their babies  They speak in a way their babies understand.  I have watched them how they change their tone if they want them inside.  Babies prefer to play outside but with a lot of urging they finally get inside  Same is when they want them breast fed. 

I doubt if human mothers take care of babies the way these cats do. 

  • Mother cats are great when it comes to caring for their babies Do you agree?

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  1. Animal mothers are usually the best mothers on earth. But circumstances sometimes make them seem cruel just like lack of milk for the young ones or lack of food for the mother herself. Also animal mothers might seem cruel if they abandon their young ones because of a health problem of a baby but that is not because they really do not want to care for them but rather because of the law of mother nature herself… My Lily, a previous cat mother was devoted to her litter which included Runt, my cat.

  2. I wrote yes for that. There are mother cats that do take good care of their babies and there are those that abandon them or maybe it is the ones that adopt the cats that abandon them. It is not right to do that. I found a little one crying because it was hungry and cold and let alone. That makes me very sad when that happens. I could not take it home with me but I did give it water and food. The next time I came back there it was gone. That can only mean anything. It could have died or another cat took care of it or someone nice found it and took it home or someone cruel hurt it.


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