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Hazara Division is a charming area of Pakistan. This area is full of natural beauty.  There are many picnic points in the area where tourists from all over the world visit every season of the year. Hazara Division consists of 5 districts. Haripur district first comes from Islamabad. Haripur has unique picnic points like Khanpur Dam, Siri Kot and Ghazi Kot. Beyond this is the Abbottabad district, which contains more beautiful places like Shimla hill, Thandani and Aliyasi Mosque.

The district is followed by Mansehrad district which is comprised of beautiful hills, followed by Batagram and Kohistan districts. Northern area starts from Kohistan. In the picture you can see that the area of Haripur district is “Baldir” . From here the mountain range starts to Gilgit-Baltistan toill China.

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