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Souvenir from pets

For a pet lover, it is nice to have a souvenir from it so when it is gone there is something that will make us recall of that pet. From our dogs, we keep the loose hair that we find in the brush when we groom them especially after giving them a bath. We also keep their baby teeth that we found on the floor when they were still a puppy. When we had a pigeon that was laying eggs every month, we kept the eggshells as a souvenir aside from the loose feathers. You can see that in the accompanying picture above.

We treat our pets as part of the family so they live inside our home. Even our pigeon stayed inside our house for 5 years and it only goes out several times a day to peck on the soil in the front yard. Pets give us love that we can feel with their companionship that sometimes we think they are not animals but humans. The souvenirs that I mentioned are ways for us to remember them.

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Written by Alex Socorro

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