Sorry, stores are closed

Life has suddenly became abnormal with the lockdown. Aside form the risk of going out of the house, there is also the shortage of supplies particularly food. Stores are closed and only the supermarkets are open. Gone are the convenience stores that provide us the convenient of buying few items. When you need a few items, you have to go to the supermarket and brave the long lines to the entrance. The lining up of people is actually the holding area to control the number of people inside the shopping area. The scheme is when one goes out then that is the only time that one gets in.

It is not only the convenience stores that are closed. Restaurants, big and small, are also not allowed open which means serving the public is temporarily illegal. And making matters worse, even the hardware stores are also shut likewise with the other commercial establishments. Aside from the supermarket, only the pharmacy is open.

  • Is your place on a lockdown?


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Written by Alex Socorro

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