Some malls allow pets

Thanks to some pet organizations that some malls now allow pets inside. It is a big difference to pet owners that they can now bring their dogs along when they go to the mall. Usually the mall is air conditioned so that is a big benefit to dogs that are sensitive to hot weather.

One requirement of the mall is to present the certification of vaccine shots so that will mean dogs allowed to enter are free of communicable diseases. But my question is about the pesky parasites, how can be assure that dogs have no fleas and ticks?

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Written by Alex Socorro

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  1. I guess I understand why they ask for the certificate of vaccines. That is very good where you live you can take your dog or dogs with you to the mall. I go to smaller mall places and not the big malls anymore. I could never bring my dog with me when I went to a mall before. That is progress.

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