Sharing the bumper harvest

Our place has fruits trees and other edible plants that from time to time we have a harvest of banana, mangoes, papaya, etc. With the banana that is usually with 10 clusters in the harvested bunch, there is no way that we can consume all the fruits. Worse, the ripening takes just a week for all those 200 bananas to ripen. Our recourse is to share the harvest with the neighbors and relatives who live nearby.

The most recent of our harvests is the mangoes. Not so much harvest this season because of the bad weather that ruined the flowers and later the rains also damaged the fruits. Anyway, there was still a good number of harvest that we shared with the people in our neighborhood. When we share, we get a nice feeling that we have done something good for the universe.

  • Do you share your harvest?


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Written by Alex Socorro

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