Senator Martha McSally – I was raped by senior official of Air Force

US Senator Martha McSally has revealed that a senior officer of the air force had abused her. Martha McSally was the first U.S. female pilot, who has participated in combat pilot wars.

Senator Martha McSally belong to Arizona , said that she did not report the incident because she was feeling embarrassed and at that time she did not trust the system of justice in the department. During the hearing of the Senate Armed Committee on Sexual Attacks in the US Army, Senator McSally said. That I am also one of those who are victim of sex abuse attack but were not brave like you and did not raise the voice on the abuse with her. I did not trust this system like many men and women.

In the US Army, 6800 incidents of sexual abuse were reported in 2017  with increase of ten percent over the previous year.

Senator Martha McSally said, “I blame myself.” I was feeling embarrassment and I was upset. Sexual assaulters take advantage of their position. Once my senior officers abused me.  “After many years, I tried to tell the high-profile events to the officers, but their reaction was extremely inaccessible,” Senator McSally said.

She said that there was one time when she started thinking of leaving Air Force after 18 years of service. I was feeling that the system is abusing me repeatedly. Senator Martha McSally served in Air Force for twenty-five years and was ranked as Colonel.

After the retirement, Senator Martha McSally, were elected the members of the House of Representatives  twice and Senator elected in January this year. This is not the first time Senator Martha McSally mentioned being abusive about sexual abuse.

Last year, during her election campaign, she told Wall Street General that she was seventeen years old, So her athletic coach had compel her for having sex. She have also said in the past that she had to face sexual harassment during the service of the army.

In January, another woman senator Jonie Ernst said that she has also suffered abusive sexual abuse in the past. She told that when she was studying at Iowa State University, she was targeted by her Boyfriend for sexual assault. Senator Ernest told Bloomberg that he did not report the abusive abduction to the police.

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