Saiga Antelope

It has been established that I spend a lot of time with children. I enjoy it because I learn so many new things from them. They brought a picture of an animal and asked me if it had been photoshopped. I looked at the strange creature and said “Maybe” and I meant it. I had never seen anything like it before.

We trying to figure out how to describe it to Grandpa and we finally came up with this. “It looks like an antelope with part of an elephant’s trunk painted and flopped over his mouth.”) It took us a long time to settle on that description. (Perhaps you can provide us with a better one.)

The name of this animal is the Saiga Antelope. The odd long nose has a purpose. If is flexible and apparently is designed to help the Saiga Antelope breathe when things are very dry and dusty, especially during the migration.  Still, we all think is looks quite odd.

The typical life span of the Saiga Antelope is from six to ten years and offspring typically come one at a time, rarely two. During migration all the herds join as one to migrate.

In the 1990’s it was estimated that there were over a million, now the estimate is approximately 50,000. Some sub species are less than 1000.

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