Royalty is class

To be inside the royal family is a great honor that a commoner named Diana shot to the limelight when she got engaged to Prince Charles of England. The story was like a fairy tale that a prince would be in love with an ordinary woman. But after bearing 2 children for the prince, the royal romance started to have cracks that led to the separation.

Now history is being repeated in the case of the Duchess Meghan and Prince Harry that led them to decide to “unroyal” themselves. The couple declared that they are resigning from their royal duties and that they want to live as an ordinary couple. The hint was their annoyance to the tabloids that never run out of false stories. Oh well, there is the price to pay for being a royal and sometimes enough is enough.

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Written by Alex Socorro

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  1. I am not all that worried about the attitude of Harry and Meghan, because what they do does not really affect anyone other than themselves. Harry is not in the direct line of succession to the throne, unlike his brother and his father.

    There are differences between the stories of Diana and Meghan, the main one being that in Diana’s case it was her husband (Charles) who caused all the problems, not her.

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