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Ripe mango from our tree

The variety of mango that we have in the backyard is called apple mango. Unlike the more popular “carabao”  mango that is very sweet and very nice to eat when ripe, ours is kind of fibrous. Since our mango is not good when ripe so it had to be eaten while it is green. But the green mango is naturally sour and it need salt or shrimp paste for the dip. With the usual big harvest that we give away for we cannot consume it all, people tell us that they want something else.

All right, I had to be creative. What about pickled mango? I invented a pickling solution that would make the green mango attractive in taste. Fortunately, my recipe was a great success that now everyone is asking us for our pickled mango. Some are even begging us to sell it to them. But no, it is not our policy to sell our harvest. Sharing is the best.

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Written by Alex Socorro

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