Resting at home

During the weekend when there are no house chores to do it is nice to sit on my throne as you can see in the picture. Usually the tv is my focus on that chair but sometimes I just read a book. Lately it is the tablet that I am using while seated there.

I find it valuable to spend some times for myself to relax. It is not all work in life because that will make you sick and tired. It is time to have a break once in a while and savor the rest period that you can get in your home.

  • Do you always watch tv at home?

    • Yes
    • No
    • only when I have no chore to do


What do you think?

Written by Alex Socorro

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  1. I really do not have a weekend. From Friday after I get off the computer until Saturday night or Sunday morning I am off the computer and on Saturdays I am on the porch with my cat and reading a book.

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