Remember Who You Are…

I have some heavy thoughts this morning. My father said the same thing to me when I left the house my entire life, ‘”Remember who you are.” Today I am really not sure, scary huh? I just kind of woke up wondering what’s the point. Why? Why is there so much pain? Why is my brother, the kindest person I know, so ill that he is now mean and hateful. What’s the point?

Last night I watched the lunar eclipse and thought, what an amazing world and this morning, I am wonder why are we here and what is the point?  Who I am really? I guess I am lost. In my mind loud and clear as I was beginning my trivial little day I clearly heard “Remember Who You Are”. 

Something is amiss in my heart and in my head. It seems to come out of nowhere.

  • Do you ever feel “lost”?

    • Yes
    • No


What do you think?

Written by Ghostwriter

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  1. It takes patience to nurse someone who is very sick. When they’re so helpless, they can get angry and self-pity or worst, self-hate.

    All you could do is help him paint something more colourful in his mind. If you tried your best, don’t beat yourself. I hope you don’t do that.