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Refreshing drinks

A refreshing drink is always desired during the hot summer days especially when we are at home and enjoying the sun. The hot weather tends to stir the taste buds to hunger for a cold drink. A soda or a fruit juice perhaps? Some are even content with plain water that has ice which comes to be water on the rocks. A refreshing drink is the cooler of the body, so to speak, and it is good for the hydration of the body.

My favorite cold drink is Coke in can which is the best to soothe my thirst. We also have apple juice and grape juice for an alternative so that I wouldn’t be drinking soda every day. Of course, water is also important because it is the drink that is designed to be the best for our health. Whatever drink it is, try to enjoy it especially during summer time.

  • Do you drink fruit juice with ice?

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Written by Alex Socorro

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