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Proper irrigation of the plants

When I started gardening, all the while I thought that getting the ground wet is enough for the plants. But that is right, irrigation is the primary need of plants and secondary is the sunlight and then the air. The plants, however, also need the water on their leaves not to be refreshed but to cleanse the leaves of particles of dust, ashes and other dirt. When the leaves are dirty then that can block the intake of air and the plant may not be healthy.

With the frequency of irrigation, just once will do for ordinary days except for summer time when the heat is unbearable that the plants need water in the morning and in the late afternoon. Never water the plants when the sun is too hot for the water may boil and scald the plant. During the rainy season, there is no need to water the plants except, again when the sun becomes too hot. That’s the best way to treat your plants.

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Written by Alex Socorro

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