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Plucking grapes at Cococay Island, Bahamas – a memory

I always had this dream of gooing on  a cruise and that dream got fulfilled when I took that Bahamas Cruise by Sovereign of the Seas.  It was a huge 14 tiered ship each done up with a different theme.  

We spent five full days and at that time got the opportunity to take a ride to Cocoocay Island one of several Bahamas Islands 

The sand was pure white. We spent a full day at the beach with lunch served at a restaurant close by – walking distance 

As we strolled on the beach we came across vines of wild grapes. We were told they were edible.  I had never seen a vineyard back home but here we were plucking and enjoying.  The grapes were quite sweet. 

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  1. I have been in boats since very young as we often went fishing as a family. Never been on a cruise, I don’t have the money. My sister goes on several cruises and my husband has no interest in going on one.
    However, we have always had opportunities to pick grapes from a vine. I just may plant one here, in New Zealand it is very easy to grow a grapevine.


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