Planting high quality variety

When my father would taste a sour fruit or a fruit that is not sweet, he would say that orchard farmers should not plant those kind of edibles that are of low quality. A watermelon or cantaloupe that is bland in taste or a mango that is so sour, they are not even good for the pigs. Come to think of it, when you plant something that means you are thinking of the harvest. So if you planted a bad variety then you harvest a bad fruit. So why do that? It also makes me wonder why there are farmers or gardeners who do not care for the quality of their farm produce.

In the recent years, so many planting materials are sold in the nursery with the label “imported variety” which means it is of good quality. I bought a banana sapling, a star fruit sapling and dragon fruit planting material. When they bore fruit, they are of very high quality that it was worth that I paid for those plants. Now when I would be planting, I try to make sure that it is of high quality variety.

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Written by Alex Socorro

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