Pickled mangoes, anyone?

Our mango tree in the backyard has 2 fruiting seasons in a year and each fruiting season we usually harvest more than 200 fruits. The harvest is in a span of 1 month so it is impossible for us to consume all of the harvest. When we gave away most of the harvest, the liked it at first but they refused for the next harvests. So much mangoes to be wasted.

The green mango is uncomfortably sour while the ripe yellow is sweet but too fibrous. In short, our mango is not a good variety for eating in the natural way. The solution is to pickle the green mangoes to give it a twist. Peeled and sliced in chips, the green mango is soaked in a secret mixture and kept in the fridge for 3 days. After the curing period, we pack the mangoes in plastic containers and give to the neighbors. It was a great success that every fruiting season there’s a long list of requests for our pickled mangoes. Don’t be mistaken that we are selling it, no, they are not for sale3 and only given for free.

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Written by Alex Socorro

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