Pesky insects in the garden

What comes to mind when garden is mentioned? Aside from plants, the insects are the next in line. Plant lovers would immediately say that insects are good for the garden since they are agents of pollination. Especially the bees and the butterflies are the friends of the plants particularly those with flowers whether edible or decorative. But how about the pesky ants that ruin the desirability of the garden?

Personally, I find ants an excess in the garden because the are quick to create a colony in any place in the garden. Ants feed on anything that has nutrients like earthworms or other insects. Even the white aphids that build a nest in the branch of the trees, ants would feed on them. Our defense against ants is the vinegar. Spraying the corners of the garden with vinegar discourages the ants maybe because of the strong odor of the acid.

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Written by Alex Socorro

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