Only social distancing, no more socializing

When the lockdown is lifted, we shall be experiencing a new normal. There is no more socializing and social distancing will be the social norm. No more handshake, only waving and greeting aloud will do. No more hugs, just a smile will be enough. Isn’t it awkward to be in that situation that we are not used to?

As the medical people say, we shall get used to the new normal. Not being close to people will be the name of the game that getting close may be considered a petty crime. Now this question – do you think we can go back to the usual normal within this year? With the way the numbers are going, I don’t think so.

  • Do you observe social distancing in public places?

    • Yes
    • No
    • sometimes


What do you think?


Written by Alex Socorro

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  1. I am constantly dodging people and trying to get them to not walk so close but they do not listen or care. I was in the grocery store yesterday morning and this elderly man had no mask on and would not move back farther at the checkout counter when I motioned for him too. He had nerve to say he is not afraid and I told him I am. Outside I encountered people with masks and those without and they just did not care when I said something. I have no idea what will happen if life goes back to normal. I do believe that the attitudes of people have to change. There are those so nasty that were nasty before and probably will not be any better afterwards. It is a very sad situation. What I care about is my freedom afterwards and being able to go to places I was not able to go to now.

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