Only Love Can Make A Memory

When we think about words and the awesome power they wield, immortal words referring to the mythological figure Helen of Troy, who, when the word was received of her abduction by Paris, her people, the Trojans having all been smitten by her unworldly beauty, about which was said to be the reason for a fleet of a thousand ships to be launched into battle, initiating the Trojan Wars.  It was absolutely that unfathomable and enigmatic love which re-ignites feelings and emotion and awe even today. 

Nana Mouskouri sang love’s praises for many years, today, she is 84 years old and doesn’t sing publically any more but one of her signature tunes was this one, which best describes the power of love, it’s called, simply: “Only love” It explains that: “Only love can make a memory. Only love can make a moment last… You were there and all the world was young and all the songs unsung and I remember you then, when love was all you were living for and how you gave that love to me…”

Enjoy  it here:


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