Notes To Self

Do you write notes to self? I do that so often , especially when I am feeling down I send myself reminders that life isn’t about these little things that get me upset, it is about all the other things around me as well.

However, I also send notes to myself to remind me about the kind of choices I need to make every moment of my life.

Reminders to do the best in each circumstance keep me going.

I send myself notes about how tests are needed to increase my strength and power of resilience.

I remind myself that I need to focus on the positive aspects of life and stop complaining.

I often need reminders to stop thinking negative thoughts.

Most times my notes are scriptures that are specific to the issue that I am facing , they are the most effective for me.

Reminders about being kind even if I am hurting inside, to be calm in the storm works for me.

You don’t always have to send notes to yourself, positive self talks works well too. Notes to self just serve as a  constant reminder. Since I am online for most part of the day they are very helpful to me.

I use this avatar on another site, so this represents me online.

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    Reminders about how we need to be always help, right?

    • Yes
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    Do you talk to yourself? (it doesn’t have to be loud)

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