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You must have heard many times about the habit of planting a tree when a child is born. Not always in all areas, but often it worked. Or the story of our ancestors that they liked to gather under a canopy of a tree, and how a good, interesting, different life took place in that shade. If you have a yard, “declare” any tree your own, or if you can plant it. If you live in an apartment, choose a tree that is close to the building you live in, close enough to be often in your sight or to be able to reach it.

If you do not have it, look for it in the nearby park, near the river, to the nearest excursion. That your should not be written anywhere in your soul and mind. As a tree can not live if it is not well rooted, so can not even people. If a person is truly happy then it is safe as well as a tree of a good and strong, healthy root, and therefore a rich and generic tree. The tree connects important elements of life: earth, water, air, fire.

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Written by Branka Drobnjak

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