My apple sapling

From a seedling that was grown by my niece, I was able to make the apple grown into a sapling (after 1 year last Christmas). It looks very alive with the 4 branches although the main stalk is slender and even the branches are also slender. Someone advised that I trim the branches so the stalk will get bigger to look like a real sapling. Compared to a human, this apple sapling is all skeleton.

In a tropical country, finding an apple tree is very unique because apples only grow in cool climates much more with the 4 seasons that the tree needs to produce flowers and later on fruits. It is a given thought that if ever this sapling grows into a tree, it will not bear fruit even if it bears flowers. And so that is another challenge to face – let the sapling turn into a tree and make it bear flowers.

  • Do you have an apple tree?

    • Yes
    • No
    • only in the neighbor
    • this is a tropical country


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Written by Alex Socorro

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