Minor house repairs

When there is something to be repaired in the house, we cannot always call the handyman. Some minor repairs can be done with the help of the tools like the screw driver or pliers. The loose hinge of the door can be tightened by pushing down the rod that holds the hinges together. Put some oil to make it easier to slide. That is just one example of a minor repair that we can do at home.

For those with aptitude on carpentry, electrical works and masonry, it can be a nice hobby to do small repairs not only in your home but also in other homes. It is like working as a consultant that you are called for a loose screw in the switch of the bulb or perhaps patching the walkway with cement. We have a neighbor who can do minor works. What’s best in him is that he doesn’t charge, just a cold drink for the reward is enough for him.

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Written by Alex Socorro

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