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Melania Trump: Four more years are written in my destiny as first lady.

Washinton : Melania Trump says she is pretty sure and ready to serve for another four years as first lady and believe four more years are written in her destiny as first lady. She added, “I love what I do.”

Melania Trump expressed her intentions during a question-and-answer session on monday with students at a School at Fort Bragg, North Carolina. Melania Trump and wife of Vice President Mike Pence, Karen Pence, traveled together to tour the installation and meet students as part of their focus on military families. Both women made a wish that they would serve again when asked if they wanted to.

The first lady added, “I think our husbands are doing fantastic job.” She says that it’s a “privilege” and “great honor to serve and I will be here.” and Mrs. Pence added she would continue in her role, too.

Melania added. She had a dream few days back in which she saw she is serving as first lady for another four year and american people are celebrating the Donald Trump victory in 2020 election.

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