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Hi friends, you can see the photo it is Markhor. It is a very beautiful animal. It is national animal of Pakistan. The Markhor is also known as the screw horn goat. It is a large species of wild goat that is found in northeastern Afghanistan,  Northern Areas of Pakistan, india, southern Tajikistan, eastern Turkmenistan, southern Uzbekistan and in the mountains Himalayas.

It is a very famous animal in Pakistan and awarded him as National Animal for the country.  The Markhor is also one of the 72 animals featured on the WWF conservation Coin Collection 1976. The Markhor marionettes are also used in the Afghan puppet shows known as buz- baz

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  1. Of course I had heard of goats before but never about this specific breed. It is quite the climber I can see and is very sure footed sitting on a ledge like this. I would be scared shitless sitting there myself looking down that height. Goats are quite the breed of animals, providing milk, skin, fur and so much more I am sure. This photo shows shows a superb speciment of the Markhor goat but why is it also called a screw horn goat. Horns I understand and see but screw? I mean this goat is not screwing up anything…

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