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Lockdown relief goods

The government put our place under lockdown with the promise that the citizens will be taken care of. Businesses are closed so workers have no job and that means there is also no income. But we were assured to receive food bags for our subsistence. After 3 weeks of hunger, the first food bag arrived containing 3 small cans of fish and 2 kilos of rice. After another week, there’s the 2nd food bag with just 2 cans and 2 kilos. Now in the picture is the 3rd food bag we received yesterday with just 1 canned fish and 1 pack of instant noodles. What a shame for the government to think that we are like birds.

I wonder when this dark episode will end. We have to work so that we can eat decently. If the government will continue with the lockdown for another month, there might be storms brewing in the minds of the citizens. If one protest action starts then so many will surely join.

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Written by Alex Socorro

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